El próximo sábado 22 de noviembre, salida en bici a Montserrat

Agulles MontserratEste sábado 22 de noviembre los rayos nos veremos las caras subiendo en bici hasta Montserrat. Saldremos a las 8:00 desde el ayuntamiento de Esplugues. Será una gran salida para todos los niveles, donde el objetivo principal es disfrutar y pasar una gran mañana entre amigos. Estáis todos convocados!

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  1. Lavinia dice:

    Så härligt med fina bilder på dig! Inte för att du är ful på några bilder men det gör skillnad när någon annan tar! Du ser så glad och härlig ut! Däremot kan jag nästan inte kolla på jackan. Känns som en dikasjacko. Haha. Men linnet var fint!

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  5. http://www./ dice:

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    • Alla dice:

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  6. http://www./ dice:

    Not too many writers could make this material interesting, but you managed it. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas. I agree with much of what you have written here.

  7. http://www./ dice:

    I live in the Chicago suburbs, and I have a tarragon plant that comes back year after year after year. It is now about 3 feet across. I have tried to bring some inside, but all it takes is forgetting to water it once. It also gets pretty scraggly. So I have been drying it instead of trying to grow it indoors.

  8. http://www./ dice:

    That’s an ingenious way of thinking about it.

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